Specializes in producing gardening tools and massage & cleaning utensils of great variety. We have a substantial technology back-up and advanced equipment system.

With its dependable quality & sound prestige, the products win great popularity among the customers both form home and abroad & are sold well far to Europe, America & Southeast Asia.

Holding the motto of Quality first. Sincerity Up-most, the company would like to present its warm welcome to all the customers form home & abroad.

Spray Gun Series

Using liquid or compressed air quickly release as power of a device,usually used for spraying,clean.
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Water Gun Suit

Function in the process of the combination of dc and spray flowering for the requirement of the nozzle is:transform the nature,traffic to adapt to the spray effect.
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To Spray Series

In the botanical garden afforestation, mostly need to water the plants, avoid the plants withered because of lack of water.
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Joint Series

Action is simple, save time and manpower, in view of the garden, water irrigation hose special quick connectors.
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Product information:multi-function spray gun,water gun suits,plastic spray gun, garden spray gun,plastic nozzle joint,garden irrigation tools such as spray and wash the car.


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